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14 Ways That Sam's Club Curbside Pickup Will Make Your Holiday Season So Much Easier

Because it really can be the most wonderful time of the year!

They're here!! Yep, it's that time of year again and while some might be thrilled the holidays have arrived, others could be feeling a little less than excited — so let's just take a *deep* breath. You've probably already got a mental checklist of shop, clean, cook, clean (again), wrap.

Woman sitting on couch with wrapping paper on her head surrounded by bags and holiday gifts

But there's no need to panic because Sam's Club is here to save your festivities (and sanity). You can expect something *extra* special this year as well, because new curbside Pickup is the convenient way to make all of the above on your list an absolute breeze!

Woman with a big smile throwing confetti in the air, isolated on pink studio background

Before we dive into all the ways Sam's Club is going to make you LOVE the holidays once again, here's a rundown on the easy peasy Pickup process:

First of all, you can shop online through the Sam's Club website and app 24/7 — just make sure you search for items under the "In club" tab.

Then start adding things to your cart! Once your order is ready for pickup, park up at your local Sam's Club and simply use the app or text to check in.

Stay put because a Sam's Club holiday helper will load your car up with all your goodies for you. Phew! Your contact-free Pickup is complete!

So now, for a few of the many items you can add to your cart through the curbside Pickup to take the holiday stress off of your shoulders:

Get ready to brazenly receive that Holiday Hero medal!

1. Remove the chore of vacuuming from your to-do list before your close relatives arrive with an iRobot Roomba. Probably the smartest and simplest way to suck up that cereal you didn't see fall under the kitchen table this morning.

iRobot vacuum with a phone beside it

2. Keep your little ones occupied as you answer those 20 phone calls from your mom and whip up dinner at the same time thanks to a 200-piece art kit, an early gift (to yourself).

Top down shot of art kit showing colorful paints and drawings inside

3. Entertain your whole family with an LG soundbar and surround sound speakers (+ a wireless subwoofer!) to transport you to a night out at the movies. The sophisticated wireless connectivity will keep your at-home theater looking tidy and holiday films sounding amazing!

Front facing shot of soundbar and speakers

4. If you usually celebrate the season with a big ol' traditional tree, this Rocky Mountain Christmas tree comes with 600(!) PRE-lit color-changing lights. If one goes out the rest stay illuminated. Better still, this one actually looks like the real deal with branches that fall naturally.

Lifestyle image of Christmas tree in a decorated home

5. Cook up all the holiday favorites in a PowerXL air fryer grill — the appliance soon to be deemed the hero of your kitchen. For your most tender of meats, crispiest of potatoes, and cheesiest of mac, this all-in-one grill allows you to cook your main meal and sides at the same time.

Air fryer grill with food cooking inside

6. Store and see your leftover turkey and veggies with a 24-piece set of Member's Mark™ food containers. These sturdy glass vessels are microwave-, dishwasher-, and freezer-safe!

Assorted sizes of glass food containers with different food in them

7. Gift yourself and your hard-to-shop-for S.O. with an Oral-B iO Series 7s electric toothbrush — because smooches under the mistletoe deserve to be minty fresh. Plus, this sleek design will just look oh ~so fancy~ atop your bathroom sink.

Black and white Oral-B toothbrushes on their stands side by side with their travel cases

8. If you're not a professional baker (like most of us), you can still whip up festive cookies that will impress your guests and Santa with a Betty Crocker holiday sugar cookie kit.

Sugar cookies in different holiday shapes with green and red sprinkles

9. Focus more on catching up with the family you haven't seen in months and less on washing up with soak-proof paper plates. They're even microwavable!

Top down shot of different foods like  noodles and ice cream on assorted sized plates

10. Get a thoughtful last-minute gift for the person on your list who is always complaining about their phone losing juice with a Moto G7 smartphone. This cell has three days' worth of battery life, so they can leave their portable charger (that they always forget, anyway) at home.

Two Moto phones one showing the screen and the other showing the back of phone

11. Wake up to the smell of fresh baked treats that'll have the whole household satisfyingly "mmmm"-ing in unison with Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. *Fingers crossed* maybe they'll behave for a little while after you surprise them with these gooey, iced angels.

Top down shot of iced cinnamon rolls

12. Be prepared for any eventuality, and take control of messes in a flash with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. One swipe and it's like Aunt Judy never tipped over that glass of red.

Packaging of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

13. Satisfy that "Stocking Stuffers Under $10" gifting requirement with eos shea butter hand cream. Perfect since handwashing has never been more important — and dry winter skin has been a thing for more months than we can count!

Top down shot of lemon hand cream and coconut hand cream with corresponding fruits beside them

14. Stock up on Olay body wash so you don't have to think about running out when you eventually run out of bathroom supplies. Plus, your guests are guaranteed to give your hosting skills a 5-star rating for their ultra *luxe* shower experience.

Bottles of Olay cleansing & nourishing body wash and rinse-off body conditioner

Now go forth and start using Sam's Club curbside Pickup, where you can expect something special to make your holidays truly seamless.