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Here’s Why It’s The Perfect Time To Become A Sam’s Club Member

With loads of perks and 50% off membership, there's never been a better time to join Sam's Club!

Sam's Club is your one-stop shop for everything you might need on a regular basis.

Man scans aisle at wholesale store

With a variety of product offerings and a number of perks, being a Sam's Club member is the gift that keeps on giving.

Woman pushes shopping cart down store aisle

Benefits like curbside pickup mean added convenience for every trip to the store. Just pull up and wait for an associate to deliver your order to you.

someone loading groceries into car trunk

Scan & Go™ shopping allows members to scan products, pay on the Sam's Club app, and simply show their receipt at the door before being on their way.

woman picking out an item in a store aisle

Plus, same-day delivery takes convenience to the next level by delivering purchases to your door within hours.

someone opening the door to a delivery

And with a number of Member’s Mark™ products available in-store and online, you'll never run out of premium goods to choose from.

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Join Sam's Club today and take advantage of 50% off membership while it's still around!