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10 Game Day Essentials For Anyone Who Wants To Impress Their Guests

The big game day is almost here! Do you have everything you need to throw a VIP-worthy party?

It takes a lot to throw the perfect party, but luckily Sam's Club has it all. If you're ready to wow your friends, check out these top picks!

A group of people cheering on a couch.

1. These Mini Quiches that come in two flavors and add an elevated touch to your game day spread.

A box of mini quiches

2. This VIZIO Home Theater Sound Bar that's so good, if you close your eyes, you'll almost feel like you're at the game.

A Vizio home sound bar

3. These Oven-Roasted Wings that only need to be reheated, so you can serve delicious food without having to spend much time in the kitchen.

A plate of chicken wings

4. This Cheese Serving Board and Marker Set, so you can serve your cheese and crackers in style.

a cheese board with three cheeses that each have wooden markers in them.

5. This PowerXL 8-Quart Air Fryer that you can use to cook crispy chicken wings, shrimp, fries, and more!

An air fryer cooking fries.

6. These Member's Mark Premium Plastic Plates that have a more elegant design than regular plastic plates but are just as easy to clean up.

A package of premium plastic plates

7. This Mason Glass Belly Drink Dispenser that you can use to serve a sophisticated signature drink, like strawberry-basil margaritas or sparkling lemonade.

A drink dispenser filled with a strawberry drink

8. This Samsung 55" Ultra HD 4K Smart TV that has a vivid color display and a 4K processor to give you the best image.

A Samsung TV

9. This La Croix Variety Pack to add a fan-favorite to your drink assortment.

A case of La Croix

10. This Member's Mark Cookie Tray that's the perfect centerpiece for a deluxe dessert display.

A tray of cookies

In addition to all these amazing party essentials, Sam’s Club also has a special membership offer. Keep an eye out for the Sam's Club commercial during the fourth quarter to learn how you can save BIG on a new membership!