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18 Things To Buy This Summer With Your Sam’s Club Membership

Sizzling summer savings with Sam's Club (say that five times fast).

Things are heating up around here, which means summer fun has been activated. And, while you're stocking up on summer essentials to keep the fun going all season long, a Sam's Club Membership should be at the top of the list.

family unloading groceries from car

Are you and your family ready for summer festivities? Here's a few Sam's Club items to shop that might be helpful:

1. An apron and tool set, perfect for the grill master in your household. This apron comes with standard barbecue tools so you have everything you need to get those summer meals sizzling.

2. And, while you're at it, a 5-burner gas grill reviewers say is the best grill they've ever used. Plus, with five burners, you'll have plenty of cooking room so dinner gets done even faster. When the kids ask, "When's dinner going to be done?" You can respond, "In a minute," and mean it.

the grill with food on all five burners

3. An outdoor furniture set, ideal for an impromptu ~socially distant~ book club meetup to discuss the latest bestselling thriller over a glass of ice-cold lemonade.

the four-piece furniture set

4. A patio heater, in case your summer season gives you sunny days with chilly nights. Adding this heater to the backyard will keep the heat brewing all night.

the heater

5. A pet travel backpack. You know your furry friend can't travel without their favorite snacks and toys, and you can fit all of that in this daypack that comes with two collapsible food bowls and room to fit your everyday items, too. 🐶

6. An instant camera for scrapbook-ready images that capture all of those fun family moments.

the instant camera in blue

7. Or a waterproof action camera that'll come in handy in case you take a tumble on the lake while trying to capture the family volleyball tournament.

the action camera

8. A first-aid kit, so minor scrapes and bruises don't have to stop the party. Snag two and you can leave one in the car.

the first-aid kit

9. A roomy camping tent, big enough to fit an inflatable mattress and a couple sleeping bags, with plenty of room for the entire crew.

the camping tent in the woods with a inflated mattress inside

10. And an airbed with pump because sleeping under the stars is nice but sleeping under the stars in a comfy bed is magical. It'll also come in handy when the in-laws come to town.

the airbed

11. A folding cot and lounger that'll slide into that roomy tent for an extra sleeping space or you can use to sit by the pool or lake and just relax.

the cot and lounger in blue

12. A rolling cooler for camping, picnics, or backyard barbecues to keep your beverages nice and cold.

the cooler with drinks inside

13. A two-piece hardside luggage set, perfect for light travelers ready to hit the road this summer.

The two-piece luggage set in crystal gray

14. An airplane float, mega-sized to fit a group of six people ready for a nice warm day on the lake, kicking back with family and friends.

the airplane float

15. A portable basketball hoop you can keep out during the summer months while the weather is nice and fold up when the seasons change.

the portable basketball hoop

16. A set of colorful drinkware, great for jazzing up the table settings for backyard brunches on the weekends. The set comes with 12 acrylic glassware cups in two sizes in an array of beautiful colors.

the colorful cups

17. A Bluetooth speaker, because what's a picnic in the park without tunes? This speaker is waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, floatable, and small enough to slide into a small bag with six hours of play time. Safe to say, it's built to last from season to season.

18. And an umbrella reviewers say holds up well without tipping or blowing over. Added shade will be a blessing when the sun is in full bloom.

the umbrella in tan

There's no better time to join the Sam's Club family. Sign up for a Sam's Club Membership now, and be one step closer to value prices on your favorite items. Sign up today!

Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.