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19 Tweets Literally Everyone Will Relate To

These are soooo me.

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6. Taking selfies:

i actually dunno how girls take banging pics everyday. i get 1 good one every 3-6 months

7. Using spare time wisely:

I used to have hobbies but now all I do in my free time is refresh Twitter till my phone dies

8. Having and then recovering from a mental breakdown:

Me 5 minutes after having a mental break down

9. Napping:

Wtf is a 20 min nap? If I'm napping it's at least 2 hours

10. Drinking literally all of the water:

when you wake up from a deep sleep at 3:43 AM

11. Acquiring currency:

"i think i have about $17 dollars in the bank" *checks balance* "$28.63"

14. Writing:

15. Trying to stay motivated while job hunting:

Day 1 of job hunting: CEO of google sounds about right, I won't settle Day 58 of job hunting: Ima apply to be a shopping cart at Walmart

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