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The Hangover’s Guide to the Ultimate Spring Break

Whether you are a veteran springbreaker, or you are the fresh meat itching to experience spring break for the first time- The Hangover has got your back. The Hangover’s Guide to the Ultimate Spring Break will remind you what to pack, what to leave, and what to hang on to in order to have the best spring break yet.

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Find a Tribe to Affect Your Vibe

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Don’t forget the wolf pack. The very reason the wolf pack was so epic in The Hangover is because they were able to have a great time together, while also having each other’s backs. Make it your mission to pack the people that are sure to have your best interest in mind.

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Feel like sinking your toes in the sand somewhere? Or maybe bundling up and hitting the slopes in some northern mountainside? Whichever you choose, make sure being there will make you happier than Alan at a Vodka Beach Party. Spring break is only a week long, make it count.

Be Humble with a Hint of Kanye


Thank The Hangover Gods that there is something called spring break. Chances are it is the middle of the semester and your batteries are drained. Juggling school, work, and a personal life is HARD. Take this break to remind yourself that you are a rock star and you are a force to be reckoned with.

Wherever You Are.. Sing Karaoke

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Sing loud and proud to “Wannabe” with your group of friends, or create a solo performance of some washed up 90’s song. No one launches their singing career from singing Shania Twain at a karaoke joint, so don’t worry about sounding like a dying wildebeest. Just make sure you are having fun, and make sure the people all the way in the back can hear the sounds of you singing “Strawberry Wine.” And if you become slightly embarrassed, just remember that the chances of you seeing most of those people again are slim.

Whatever Problem it is, Leave it at Home

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Is it a bad grade on your last exam? How about the boy who is just a little too into himself to be into you? Whatever your troubles may be, make sure they do not exist once you step out the door to start your spring break. Troubles never end, but spring break does.

Make it Memorable

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“No good story ever started with eating a salad.” The whole point of spring break is to let loose and have a good time. Stay up too late, start the day off early, and make the most of the time you have with your Wolf Pack. Be sure to make it count now, because life does not give you a spring break after college.

Tell Your Comfort Zone You’ll See ‘Em Later

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Spring Break is meant to be exactly that: a break. Go enjoy yourself and have the best time yet with your Wolf Pack. Leave your comfort zone at home- it’ll be there when you get back.

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