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All Your Breast Friends

Friends are the tits, they're just the breast. In fact, you could say that they that they have a lot in common with bras: supportive, always with you, and a big part of your life. And just like there are many kinds of bras, there are many kinds of friends too!

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1. The Bombshell Pushup

The Bombshell friend is extra af. They're loud and proud and always out where everyone can see them. They may be a pain in the ass sometimes but they always have the ladies in your squad looking fire.

2. Bralette

Laid back and lovable, the Bralette friend always goes with the flow and everyone loves them for it. Just like a bralette goes with any kind of outfit, this friend gets along with everyone. They come in many different forms and because of that they are able to fit into any group.

3. Strapless Bra

This is the friend that you are always losing at the party. They're the life of the party until you've realized that they've slipped away leaving you hanging. You want to hate for being such a hassle but you love and need them around because they get through any situation. They're hard to find in life but once you have them you keep them around.

4. Free Boob

The Free Boob is a complete free spirit. This girl probably drinks kombucha and wears Birkenstocks and totally rocks it. They have a Free the Nipple bumper sticker on their car and gives you the best pep talks empowering you as a woman.

5. Stick On Bra

This friend is as clingy as white on rice. However, that means that they are always there for you through thick and thin no matter the occasion. They love to party and always make sure you're having a good time. They're the friend is still with you when the Strapless Bra is long gone.

6. Sports Bra

Sturdy and stable, the Sports Bra friend is very structured and you know you can always count on them to be supportive. You love them hanging with them because they know how to be one of the guys and definitely know more about sports than you do.

7. Cami Built In Bra

This is the girl that has been your friend since elementary school. You haven't seen them in awhile but they will always hold a special place in your heart as they got you through your most awkward years.

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