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    22 Dogs Who Would Rather Be Anything Else For Halloween

    This is for all the puppers out there who never get to pick their costume.

    1. This Internally Screaming Looney Tune

    2. This Revenge-Seeking Sprite

    3. This Despondent Holiday Helper

    4. This Bitter Halloween Squash

    5. This Curse-Conjuring Sorceress

    6. This Irked Cartoon Character

    7. This Pajama-Wearing Retribution Seeker

    8. This Bashful Ballerina

    9. This Spooked Spell Caster

    10. This Unimpressed Fiesta-Hater

    11. This Sad Slugger

    12. This Tormented Prince of Darkness

    13. This Pleading Toymaker

    14. This Force-Loathing Jedi Master

    15. This Unamused Gentleman

    16. This Bloodthirsty Pocket Monster

    17. This Disgruntled Former Caterpillar

    18. This Distressed Frankfurter

    19. This Troubled Thanksgiving Icon

    20. This Forlorn Bumbler

    21. This Betrayed Banana

    22. This Alarmed Impostor

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    23. This Ecstatic Princess

    24. This Cheerful Beanie Baby

    25. This Jolly Garden Gnome