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    21 Lazy Ways To Clean Your Man Cave

    Just because you live in a frat house doesn't mean it has to smell like one. Here are some tips and tricks to freshen up your bachelor pad with little effort.

    1. Invest in an all-purpose cleaner.


    Pick a cleaner that you can use to clean literally every surface of your apartment. Ammonia-free cleaners will do the trick without leaving any pungent and/or girly scents behind.

    2. Let robots do the cleaning for you.

    Companies like iRobot make products that do everything from vacuuming to floor washing. They also serve as great methods of transportation for turtles if that's your thing.

    3. Organize your empty bottles.


    Empty bottle organizers make it easy to dispose of your empties. Putting them back in the box they came in is a safe and simple way to recycle instead of letting bottles accumulate.

    4. Deodorize with orange peels.


    Run orange peels through your garbage disposal to clean out your disposal and get your kitchen smelling fresh. Lemon peels or any other citrus rinds work, too.

    5. Invest in indoor/outdoor furniture and accessories that can be hosed down.


    Not all indoor/outdoor furniture looks like it's made of AstroTurf. Waterproof rugs and furniture that your moms and girlfriends would approve of actually do exist.

    6. Decorate with sporting equipment.


    Don't just throw your sporting goods in a corner or closet. Leaving them out in the open in an organized way is a great way to decorate and avoid unnecessary clutter.

    7. Put coal in your freezer.

    Keep your freezer smelling great (or at least less like something died in it) by putting some coal in it. It will absorb odors.

    8. Turn an empty water jug into a dust pan.


    Chug a gallon of water at the gym and then come home and clean! Win win!

    9. Line your George Foreman grill with tin foil before cooking anything in it.


    Tin foil will save you the hours of manual labor required to clean one of these things.

    10. Hide dryer sheets everywhere.


    In your closet! In your hamper! Between your sheets and mattress! Go crazy. Hide these bad boys everywhere for a fresh-out-of-the-dryer scented bro zone.

    11. Clean your tub with power tools.

    View this video on YouTube


    Get directions here.

    12. Keep a garbage bag near you when you're cooking.


    The closer you are to a garbage bag, the more likely you'll be to actually throw things away.

    13. Clean your toilet with Alka-Seltzer.


    Toilet brushes can get super disgusting. Drop two or three Alka-Seltzers in your toilet and let science take care of it.

    14. Use a towel with your Swiffer.


    No need to buy replacement Swiffer cloths ever again. Invest in a Swiffer Sweeper and a small microfiber towel for a reusable multi-surface cleaning tool. Use for dusting floors or mopping up spilled beer. Just wash the towel and reuse (pro tip: actually washing the towel is key).

    15. Get aggressive with "Stomp and Go" pads.


    Bad Day? Filthy carpet? Stomp out your rage and remove stains at the same time with these "stop and go" pads.

    16. Use removeable oven liners.


    Culinary masterpieces like frozen pizza and...frozen pizza can get messy. Get an oven liner for easy clean up.

    17. Line your coolers with garbage bags to prevent mold.

    via Emily Cardner

    Hopefully you've upgraded to a normal refrigerator at this point in your life. If not, preserve the cleanliness of your frat cooler by lining the inside with a garbage bag.

    18. Clean your shower head with vinegar.


    Vinegar can be used as a multi-purpose cleaner if investing in an actual bottle of cleaner seems too daunting. Instructions can be found here.

    19. Channel your inner Mr. Clean.


    Take your cleaning cues from this bald bro and embrace the wonder of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. They basically clean everything and are a quick, inexpensive way to clean your entire place.

    20. Pee sitting down.


    Seriously though.

    21. Turn a keg into a garbage can.


    If nothing else, drinking should ease the pain of cleaning. Instructions can be found here.