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21 Lazy Ways To Clean Your Man Cave

Just because you live in a frat house doesn't mean it has to smell like one. Here are some tips and tricks to freshen up your bachelor pad with little effort.

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1. Invest in an all-purpose cleaner.


Pick a cleaner that you can use to clean literally every surface of your apartment. Ammonia-free cleaners will do the trick without leaving any pungent and/or girly scents behind.

3. Organize your empty bottles.


Empty bottle organizers make it easy to dispose of your empties. Putting them back in the box they came in is a safe and simple way to recycle instead of letting bottles accumulate.


5. Invest in indoor/outdoor furniture and accessories that can be hosed down.


Not all indoor/outdoor furniture looks like it's made of AstroTurf. Waterproof rugs and furniture that your moms and girlfriends would approve of actually do exist.


11. Clean your tub with power tools.

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Get directions here.


14. Use a towel with your Swiffer.


No need to buy replacement Swiffer cloths ever again. Invest in a Swiffer Sweeper and a small microfiber towel for a reusable multi-surface cleaning tool. Use for dusting floors or mopping up spilled beer. Just wash the towel and reuse (pro tip: actually washing the towel is key).


17. Line your coolers with garbage bags to prevent mold.

via Emily Cardner

Hopefully you've upgraded to a normal refrigerator at this point in your life. If not, preserve the cleanliness of your frat cooler by lining the inside with a garbage bag.