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    21 Lazy Ways To Clean Your Man Cave

    Just because you live in a frat house doesn't mean it has to smell like one. Here are some tips and tricks to freshen up your bachelor pad with little effort.

    1. Invest in an all-purpose cleaner.

    2. Let robots do the cleaning for you.

    Companies like iRobot make products that do everything from vacuuming to floor washing. They also serve as great methods of transportation for turtles if that's your thing.

    3. Organize your empty bottles.

    4. Deodorize with orange peels.

    5. Invest in indoor/outdoor furniture and accessories that can be hosed down.

    6. Decorate with sporting equipment.

    7. Put coal in your freezer.

    8. Turn an empty water jug into a dust pan.

    9. Line your George Foreman grill with tin foil before cooking anything in it.

    10. Hide dryer sheets everywhere.

    11. Clean your tub with power tools.

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    Get directions here.

    12. Keep a garbage bag near you when you're cooking.

    13. Clean your toilet with Alka-Seltzer.

    14. Use a towel with your Swiffer.

    15. Get aggressive with "Stomp and Go" pads.

    16. Use removeable oven liners.

    17. Line your coolers with garbage bags to prevent mold.

    18. Clean your shower head with vinegar.

    19. Channel your inner Mr. Clean.

    20. Pee sitting down.

    21. Turn a keg into a garbage can.