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25 Cats Who Have Found That Perfect Place To Relax

"If they fits, they sits," literally. If you know a cat that is looking for a great place to chill, tell them to consider these easy to find locations.

1. In a car cup holder

2. In a tree pot

3. In a tea kettle

4. In a tiny basket

5. In a glass

6. In a sink

7. In a tupperware

8. In a tight space

9. In your favorite baseball cap

10. On top of a chair

11. Between two couch cushions

12. In the box of that new gadget you just bought

13. In a drinking fountain

14. In a pretty vase

15. In a tree stump

16. In a baking dish

17. In a basket

18. On top of some pants

19. In a smaller glass

20. In a box of their medicine

21. In a shoe box

22. In another basket

23. In a frying pan

24. In a kleenex box

25. and finally, in a cell phone bill