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21 Animals Who Are Absolutely No Help On Laundry Day

Aw man, you JUST cleaned those!

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2. "I made a separate pile, just for me!"

5. "Loving this new scent you're using! What is this, Mountain Fresh??"

7. "Don't forget to take me!"

8. "You keep putting things in here, so I keep having to take them back out. Stop that!"

11. "What do you mean you already put it away?? Fresh laundry is my favorite toy!"

12. "You know what they say: the family who wrinkles together..."

13. "...stinkles together. We've been farting non-stop onto your clean clothes all day."

18. "If laundry has taught me anything, it's that ~balance is key~."

20. "Soon there won't be any warm laundry to sit with and that kinda bums me out."