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    You Need To Look At This Amazingly Tiny Almanac From 1790

    It is SO small and SO cute.

    This is the "Almanac for 1790 by the Company of Stationers."

    It has its own "leather sleeve, complete with matching gold gilding."

    The title page explains: "The Almanack Explained. Note that under the Title of every Month is the change of the Moon, & every Month contains three Columns, 1. Days of the Month 2 .Saints Days, &c. 3.Time of high water at London Bridge."

    Can you believe this is from 1790?

    People must've been real tiny back then.

    Everyone sounded so fancy back then!

    Thank you for this tiny treat, Special Collections & Archives, University of Iowa!


    Thanks again, Special Collections & Archives, University of Iowa!

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