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Wonder Puppies Rescued From Desert

Winnie, Willie and Wendy are super adorable puppies who were abandoned in horrible conditions in the Negev desert. Luckily, Reddit user Jayeugene found them and nursed them back to health.

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Here's Winnie.

He's a young puppy recently found abandoned in the Negev desert. He was with one brother and one sister, all living off a box of rotten tomatoes and covered in hundreds of ticks shown in the pictures here.

Reddit user Jayeugene cleaned the dogs up and started to rehabilitate them.

Jayeugene found the siblings (Wendy, Winnie and Willie) thanks to a phone call from someone who saw three malnourished puppies by a desert road. They received a flea bath - using Dawn Dish Soap - and a proper grooming. Jayeugene feeds them "only the best," Canine Caviar, so they can regain a healthy weight.


"It took a few hours but we ended up pulling by hand about 200 - 250 ticks from all three puppies combined," said Jayeugene. The puppies were covered in ticks and fleas and hadn't ingested much food or water. "We are fairly certain someone threw them in the desert because we also found a cardboard box they were sleeping in and a box of rotten tomatoes that were left as, what I can only assume was, pity food."

Wendy is already adopted, and Jayeugene is hoping the brothers will be adopted soon, too. It's taking them a little time to "get warmed up to human kindness."

With faces like that, they'll have no problem finding a home.

(And yes, he has heterochromia, but he can see just fine.)