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    Jun 9, 2014

    The 16 Whitest Things Cats Ever Did

    You do you, cats. Stereotypically, of course.

    1. Enjoying a smoothie.

    2. Chillaxin' in some Uggs.

    3. Wearing skinny jeans that might be too skinny.

    4. Sippin' on some Starbucks.

    5. Posing for a really dramatic selfie.

    6. Trying to make socks and sandals work together, even though they never will.

    7. Being obsessed with their iPhone.

    8. Trying to make Hawaiian shirts happen.

    9. Getting obsessed with their juicing machine of choice.

    10. Bragging about reading a physical newspaper for once.

    11. Ordering a lot more food than what they were hungry for.

    12. Deciding to go on a cruise and then hating it the entire time.

    13. Getting too excited over yogurt.

    14. Pretending to know how to garden.

    15. Loving TV shows with laugh tracks.

    16. Posing for a family photo.

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