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    25 Brussels Griffons Who're Actually Fantastic Judgmental Aliens

    They're basically not even dogs.

    1. "My ship must've landed in a crazy garden."

    2. "Your seating arrangements baffle us."

    3. "Yes, this planet shouldn't be too difficult to take over."

    4. "Even your air tastes nice! This pleases me."

    5. "I'll allow this leash for now. I find it comforting."

    6. "Ugh, I'm the only one with good posture on this entire planet."

    7. "WHAT?! What do you mean none of your country's presidents have been females? All of ours have been!"

    8. "I could do with less smell in this park, honestly."

    9. "Hmph. Your shirts leave much to be desired."

    10. "Trusting you with navigation here. (Barely.)"

    11. "I'm trying to blend in, is it working???"

    12. "Please try to be more polite in your tone. We don't respond well to attitude."

    13. "This is my imitation of you, haha!"

    14. "I must say, your pajamas are wonderful."

    15. "We come in all wonderful shapes and sizes, just like you!"

    16. "Your invention of 'naptime' is especially delightful."

    17. "Your lakes? Not so much."

    18. "I tried to find a quiet spot to escape your loud city, but that's been quite a challenge."

    19. "Sometimes I fear you'll never appreciate the true beauty this universe has to offer. Like my face."

    20. "Thank you for this handsome bowtie. I appreciate the sentiment."

    21. "Is this how you use a table? Help."


    23. "Ugh, your planet is e x h a u s t i n g. How do you do this every day??"

    24. "This forest? Is hella gross."

    25. "And this bread? Is a circle. I don't get it."