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    This Orphaned Wombat Is Here To Melt Your Cold Heart

    Chloe is simply TATH: too adorable to handle!

    Meet Chloe, the snuggliest lil wombat rapscallion that ever was.

    This is Evelyn, Chloe's caretaker. She's acted as Chloe's surrogate mother ever since the wombat was brought to Australia's Taronga Zoo.

    Eventually Chloe will be introduced to solid foods, but for now...

    ...she'll just be here in milky bliss.

    “She’s very affectionate and also a bit naughty," said Evelyn. "She loves chewing on shoes and if you walk away from her she chases after you like a rocket.”

    Chloe's totally allowed to do whatever she pleases. That's the rule when it comes to cute-i-tude! Good luck out there, Chloe!

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