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21 Ways Chelsea Peretti And Her Dog Are The Cutest BFFs

They put every single other friendship to SHAME.

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1. Their car rides together have an epic soundtrack.

2. They know how to have fun...

3. ...and when to be serious.

4. They can enjoy/endure multiple genres of music.

5. It's so easy for them to take a good photo together because they just get it.

6. Thoughtful stare into each other's eyes? CHECK.

7. They both totally enjoy the thrill of the chase, as it were.

8. They aren't afraid to let each other know when they're being super weird.

9. (And, yeah, things can get super weird a lot, but that's ok!)

10. Sometimes they can thwart potential future fashion problems with just one look.

11. Cuddle time is always their favorite time together.

12. Every day is a magical musical between them...

13. ...and that makes it extra-"ordinary."

14. Even if they don't see eye-to-eye on something, they'll still hear each other out.

15. They understand that snack time should be observed in peace.

16. Rough nights = no judgments.

17. And just in case they're feeling a little low...

18. ...they know how to get that smile back!

19. Being best friends means acting like a total goof in front of each other without a care in the world.

20. And if they look a little guilty about something, they probably are really guilty...

21. ...of being PERFECT!