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Watch This German Shepherd Puppy Grow Up Before Your Eyes

Watch Luna grow up day-by-day!

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1. "Hey there! I'm Luna, a German Shepherd."

2. "I'm your typical, goofy puppy!"

3. "Last September, my dad decided to upload a photo of me every day."

4. "Just so people could see my very excellent progress at growing up!"

5. "If you ask me, I'm very good at it so far."

6. "And I guess people find it interesting? Whatever."

7. "It's not always very glamorous..."

8. "...and sometimes I can get a lil moody..."

9. "...but it is pretty cool to compare little me to older me!"

10. "I'm glad someone's capturing all my best moments and memories."

11. "Sometimes I even forget the camera's there."

12. "And sometimes I feel like a celebrity!"

13. "Nowadays, I'm always smiling for my close-ups!"

14. "I can't believe how very small I used to be!"

15. "But through the months, I'm still the same ol' silly me!"

17. "Hopefully I can climb my way up the social (media) ladder!"

18. "I'm just trying to find my way in life, for now."

19. "Just trying to learn as much as I can..."

20. "...while having as much fun as possible!"

21. "I guess as I get older, I'll start contemplating life more often."

22. "And I gotta figure out who my bestie is."

23. "I'm excited to see where the next year takes me!"

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