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    Watch This Lonely Goat Reunite With His Best Friend

    Mr. G and Jellybean will make you want to hug your BFF immediately. And then cry and cry and cry.

    Meet Mr. G, a sweet little rescue goat.

    His burro BFF, Jellybean, was rescued by a different sanctuary.

    It was a dark time for Mr. G.

    So his new keepers decided to take action!

    A volunteer drove 14 hours round-trip to bring Jellybean to his new new home.

    Mr. G's BFF Senses started tingling right away!

    It was almost too good to be true!

    The besties shared a nuzzle, happy to be reunited!

    Thankfully, Mr. G's appetite came back right away.

    Everyone was so grateful!

    Happy goat, happy burro, happy life.

    Watch the whole saga of Mr. G and Jellybean here:

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