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13 Times You Disappointed This Corgi Dressed As A Pirate

Go fetch his cannonball immediately.

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1. "Shiver me timbers! I tripped over someone's shoes in the middle of the hallway..."

2. "Just put my sword back where you found it next time, mmk?"

3. "How many episodes of the Kardashians have you watched unironically?"

4. "Planking is very over. Stop, please."

5. "A little birdy told me you didn't refill the water pitcher."

6. "No, you can't look at my 'booty.'"

7. "Smells like someone hit the grog a little hard last night."

8. "Just because I'm a 'swashbuckler' doesn't mean I'll do your laundry."

9. "The neighbors say they haven't seen their newspaper in a while, and I know I haven't fetched it, so..."

10. "How dare you accuse me of attacking the crow's nest!"

11. "Arrrrrr you kidding? You haven't finished 'Breaking Bad' yet?"

12. "Me peg leg knows you haven't taken the trash out in a while."

13. "Do you happen to know who wrote '(S)CURVY' on the bathroom mirror during my shower? No?"

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