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16 Thoughts Every Firehouse Cat Has

Carlow and Boogie are proud members of the FDNY!

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1. "Gotta get my stretches in whenever I can!"

2. "Making sure everything's clean is pretty tedious but totally worth it."

3. "Thank goodness my coat keeps me warm on these tough streets."

4. "I love to read the paper! I get to stay updated on all the brave members of the crew."

5. "Ain't nobody who takes truck safety more seriously than I do."

6. "Gotta be ready to go at a moment's notice!"

7. "I try to get in a bunch of little snoozes throughout the day. Keeps me fresh."

8. "Staying hydrated is so important."

9. "Sometimes I sit near the truck just so any ladies walking by know what's up."

10. "Sharing jobs around the station is a good way to keep things fair. Usually, though, I like to be the manager of all of them."

11. "Everyone needs to brush up on proper procedures every now and then."

12. "Making sure the ropes are solid is one of my most important jobs..."

13. "...but I'm always ready to lend the captain a helping paw, just in case."

14. "Plus, his chair is the comfiest spot in the whole building!"

15. "Always make sure your equipment is ready to go!"

16. "And don't forget to visit your best pals at their stations. Having good buddies is the best part about working in the FDNY."

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