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    This Pug Is Disinterested In Literally Everything

    There's nothing in the whole world that will interest this pug.

    1. Insanely creepy doll? Nope.

    2. Great gnome table? Not cutting it.

    3. "FunForest"? More like BORINGFOREST.

    4. Not even Gary Numan.

    5. Wicker chairs can exit the building.

    6. This traveling breakfast only makes this pug sadder.

    7. Not interested in your misandry.

    8. Potentially offensive (or at least terrifying) SpongeBob? NO THANK YOU.

    9. He wrote the sign himself.

    10. The "M" stands for "mostly bored."

    11. More like "BEARY AWFUL."

    12. Unamused by Fry Guy's antics, TBQH.

    13. Wire box? Nah.

    14. This car is way too mythical for his taste.

    15. He knows where the cat is, but he just doesn't care to share that information with you.

    16. Ok, to be fair, those pajama pants do belong in the trash.