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21 Times Cats Were You IRL

We're all in this together.

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1. When your phone takes a photo without you knowing.

2. When you fall into the deepest sleep imaginable.

3. When you have the day off.

4. When your PJs are just too comfy to change out of in order to leave your house.

5. When your computer takes forever to run an update.

6. When that one friend just won't leave you the heck alone.

7. When it's so cold outside that it physically shocks you.

8. When you get stood up for a date but make the most of it.

9. When you think you can talk to fish.

10. When you find the warmest spot in the house.

11. When you really...

12. ...have to...

13. ...sneeze.

14. When you see your reflection and you're way cuter than you anticipated.

15. When you honestly need a nap in order to continue functioning normally.

16. When your roommate comes home early.

17. When you try to focus and do your taxes.

18. When you're convinced you hear a ghost in your house.

19. When you've found your soulmate.

20. When your haircut is maybe too short.

21. And best of all, when your BFF truly understands you.

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