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This Corgi On Instagram Shows More Emotion Than You Do

When the great and powerful Corgnelius gave this pup a shout-out, the world had no idea how well Desmondhe can emote. Spoiler: his favorite emotion is happiness.

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1. "Glad you're having a great day!"

2. "Even my butt says it loves you."

3. "I don't mind exercising, and neither should you!"

4. "Do I mind playing dress-up for you? Yes. But I'm not complaining."

5. "Watch where you walk!"

6. "That outfit? Eh, I'm not too sure about it..."

7. "I have an open mind, because you never know what's out there."

8. "Hey girl. Don't mind me, I'm just enjoying the view."

9. "Good morning! I'm happy to see you!"

10. "Ugh, whatever, mom."

11. "Where'd that ball go? Now I'm worried I'll never see it again."

12. "Friends are so fun!"

13. "I'm aware of my own strength, but I'm confident and secure with myself enough not to brag about it..."

14. "...except when it comes to smiling. I know I'm really, really good at smiling."

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