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These Twee Dogs On Instagram Are Your New Favorite Indie Band

User bo_no has some very stylish dogs.

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1. "We call ourselves Belle & Sebarksian."

2. "My voice is considered both a blessing and a curse."

3. "Thankfully, we found each other at the right time in life!"

4. "We've been together and broken up like five times over the life of the band."

5. "Have you heard our one song? Probably not. It's called 'Your Butt Smells Better In The Moonlight.'"

6. "I'll never get that tambourine back."

7. "Outdoors is the best place to express oneself."

8. "Ugh, we hate these photoshoots. We're clearly just as attractive as models, but we try not to show it off too much."

9. "Yeah, we fight, but it just adds to our music."

10. "Sometimes the sunshine is good for the soul..."

11. "...and so is solitude."

12. "We'll probably go on a bunch of tours once the right label signs us."

13. "Please stop by our merch table."
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