The “Wonut” Is Proof That A Benevolent Food God Exists

It’s a doughnut and a waffle combined in the most delicious way possible.

1. Once upon a time…

Sean Cooley /

2. …in a café in a distant land*…

Sean Cooley /


3. ……a magical creation was born.

Sean Cooley /

4. They call it…the WONUT.

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Forget cronuts. This is the greatest culinary mash-up yet bestowed upon the world.

5. It comes in all shapes and sizes, as the best creations do.

The wonut is made with a slightly-thicker-than-usual special waffle batter that’s cooked in a waffle iron before being delightfully deep fried and dipped in a sweet glaze.

6. The wonut will happily celebrate every occasion with you.

7. Despite their diversity, the many wonut kingdoms exist in perfect harmony…

8. …though some may be fancier than others.

9. And the citizens of Wonutlandia rejoice and bask in eternal glory.

The Wonut. A waffle donut. Who knew the gods would let such a glorious thing exist?

— James T. Green (@onthefirefly)

10. The crowds cheer with a resounding “yaaass.”

11. ALL

Sean Cooley /

12. HAIL

Sean Cooley /

13. THE

Sean Cooley /

14. WONUT.

Sean Cooley /

15. You can get a wonut of your very own at the Waffles Café in Chicago.

H/T to Thrillist.

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