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18 Things Only People With More Than One BFF Will Understand

You're better together!

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1. "I know I'm pretty awesome on my own..."

2. "...but life is just better when I have my very best buddies nearby."

3. "Some pals are better at snuggling..."

4. "...and some are real good at nuzzles."

5. "No matter what, whenever we get together, I know it'll be a great time!"

6. "When you're with your very best friends, it's totally cool to relax to the max. They ~get~ you."

7. "Being silly together is a requirement!"

8. "And posing for photos is an art."

9. "We put up with each other's shenanigans because we love each other."

10. "We can get rowdy, but we all balance each other out."

11. "Sometimes, I just need to recharge on my own for a bit..."

12. "...but the real fun starts up again when the whole squad gets together!"

13. "Having more besties means having more style inspirations to steal from."

14. "Plus, going to parties is a lot more fun in group!"

15. "And sure, finding your friendship rhythm in the beginning can sometimes be tricky..."

16. "...but if you're lucky, you'll find a bunch of pals who will do absolutely anything for you."

17. "And once you've found your soulmates, you can totally relax..."

18. "...and get ready to be adorably annoyed forever more."

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