The Hottest New Dog Trend Is "Shiblings," Shiba Siblings

    Shiba + shiba = shiblings. Embrace it.

    1. These shiblings are ready for a cozy night indoors.

    2. Listen to this family bust into a jolly rendition of "Shibling Night" this holiday season.

    3. You can even mix and match your shiblings!

    4. Shibling pairs are notorious for pranking each other.

    5. Be sure to place your shiblings in their correct order for a neat and clean house!

    6. Shiblings are extra double adorable when they're fluffy together, too.

    7. Never let shiblings into the garden! They'll wreak havoc instantly.

    8. Shiblings are also known for being patient.

    9. Capturing a shibling smile on film is magical, even if one of them isn't quite feeling it right now and would rather be home.

    10. Pack lightly! You'll never know when you'll have to carry your shiblings on-the-go.

    11. Never say anything to hurt a shiblings's feelings, or you'll have trouble comin' after you.

    12. Parents of shiblings are praised based on their attentiveness and cautious gaze.

    13. A secret between shiblings is one of life's most precious gifts.

    14. And don't worry, goodbyes with shiblings never last for long; they'll be back soon!