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The Definitive Ranking Of The 20 Types Of Dog Butts

No more, no less. For Liz Anderson.

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19. The "You Talkin' To Me"

18. The "Butt-Dog-Dog-Butt"

17. The "Brunch Butt"

15. The "Dress For Success On The Top But Not The Rest"

14. The "I'm Calling This Yoga"

13. The "Struggle Butt"

10. The "Scratch Dat Booty"

8. The "Grossest Shoulder Lean"

6. The "You Lookin' At Me? Am I Lookin' At You? Help"

5. The "Climb Every Mountain"

4. The "Wiggle, Pug, Wiggle"

3. The "You're The Only One Allowed To Twerk"

2. The "Dogs Rule, Cats Get Squished"

1. The "This Is Too Seductive Please Actually Stop"

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