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The Adorable Phenomenon Of The Foster Kitten Livecam

Did you know there are thousands of fans behind one of the most popular livecams? Fans of #KittenCam create art and help other foster/adoption services raise a lot of money and awareness for the cause. PLUS: KITTENS!

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Each set of kittens is semi-themed and their names reflect it. This bunch is the Looney Tune Fosters.

Facebook: TheCritterRoom

This family of kittens are named Penelope, Taz, Sylvester, and Marvin. They're cared for by the #KittenCam operator, John, until they find homes.


Before the Looney Tunes came the Mythbusters kittens named Tory, Addie, Jamie, and Grant.

The cool part about the foster #KittenCam is the intense amount of fans and support behind it.

Facebook: TheCritterRoom

There is a Facebook page called The Critter Room that has over 25,000 "likes." It's full of fan art and love for the kittens. The community behind this page brings more awareness to services like Purrfect Pals, an adoption and foster service which raised over $50,000 in the past year.


If you miss out on some of the big moments in the kittens' lives, John often uploads highlight videos so you can catch up.

Fans of #KittenCam have even created an FAQ Google doc of resources and etiquette for the livecam's chat and Facebook community.

They include a list of terms/jargon that might be helpful to know around the boards. For example: "Power goes out? Beyonce. Laptop dies? Beyonce. Frozen video? Beyonce."

If watching an adorable livecam of playful kittens and learning how to support foster services around the country is your kind of thing, check out #KittenCam on Livestream!

Facebook: TheCritterRoom

Hopefully the Looney Tunes will be adopted soon, and there will be a new bunch of fluffs for you to watch!