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    The 20 Stages Of Grocery Shopping

    Hope you don't get the cart with the squeaky wheel!

    1. Get a lil bit hungry in the tummy area.

    2. Check your pantry and fridge. Become displeased with the contents.

    3. Make your list, and get ready to go to the store!

    4. Add a couple more vegetables to your list, because you're feeling optimistic today.

    5. Drive to the store very carefully because you're on a mission.

    6. Put everything from the BOGO bins directly into your cart, regardless of necessity.

    7. Immediately forget your list that you painstakingly created only to go up and down each aisle.

    8. ...twice.


    10. Eat a snack while you shop to reward yourself.

    11. ...twice.

    12. Valiantly attempt to reach the hidden goodies on the tall shelves.

    13. Debate the benefits of buying organic produce...

    14. ...but buy pre-packaged meals anyway.

    15. Try, repeatedly, to get around that one guy so you can get your fave godforsaken box of cereal, jeez, dude.

    16. Grab the wine on your way out.

    17. Practically fall asleep while waiting in your checkout line.

    18. Finally make it home.

    19. Realize you're too tired to cook all this food you just bought, god.

    20. Order pizza.