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These Hairless Pups Are The Stars Of A New Eye-Opening Photo Series

Photographer Sophie Gamand wants to "celebrate hairless dogs’ unique beauty, and challenge our relationship to breeds and genetic manipulation."

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Sophie Gamand's new series, titled "Prophecy," shows some pretty unique dogs.

To her, the dogs look like "prophets or mad scientists, grabbing us and planting their eyes deep into ours, shaking us and shouting, as Philippulus the Prophet in The Adventures of Tintin would: 'The judgment is upon you! The end is near!'"

Her project also explores the "idea that dogs have been engineered by men." "This series is a reminder that playing God with Nature often comes with consequences and a price to pay, sooner or later," said Gamand.

Her models come from private breeders and rescue organizations that focus on hairless dogs, like Bald is Beautiful and Bare Paws Rescue.