17 Struggles Of Getting Ready For NaNoWriMo

    Happy National Novel Writing Month Eve! Don't freak out, please!

    1. You physically refuse to admit that November is actually here.

    2. Selecting your weapon of choice is the first fight. Planning on typing it out?

    3. Then you need to make sure your writing software is up to date!

    4. Or should you go old school and use something called PAPER?

    5. Forgotten are the ideas of yesteryear that bogged you down! You're a different writer now with fresh ones!

    6. Also forgotten are the multiple drafts you never finished. Let's just pretend those never happened, shall we?

    7. Time to start outlining plot ideas! HAHA, THERE ARE SO MANY. GREAT.

    8. The BEST part is that so far none of your plot lines make sense together yet! You're confident you'll get there, though.

    9. You've gotta decide if you want to be true to your inner fan and just go entirely fan fic all over NaNo this year...

    10. ...or maybe write a tasteful spec script instead.

    11. You've already divided out how many words, per day, you'll have to write in order to make the goal. It, uh, doesn't look promising, but you're staying positive!

    12. That one character with a tortured history already planned out? Check.

    13. Time to nail down some sort of genre, probably. Will your piece be a rom-com?

    14. Or something a little spookier?

    15. Or an inspirational sports story?

    16. Pick any genre you'd like! Because, for now, the world is your oyster!

    17. And also because you're already dreading mid-November and the sense of potential hopelessness you'll feel.