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    Sep 28, 2015

    Ever Wonder What Goes Into Making "Steven Universe"?

    They'll always find a way!

    Ever wonder what goes into creating the magical world of Steven Universe?

    Then here's the blog for you!

    "StevenCrewniverse" is a blog run by the illustrative team behind everyone's favorite show.

    You get to see some storyboard art of the beloved characters, like Pearl.

    And what the Gems look like when using their powers.

    Peep these gorgeous color blocks, too!

    Plus, the crew even posts the special snacks they get to eat while watching the episodes! Check out these donuts with optional Fire Salt...

    ...this sweet dessert replica of Lion...

    ...and this tart, complete with an inverted pyramid!

    But of course, the art is super spectacular!

    Because who doesn't love a good behind-the-scenes peek at things?

    Thank you, SU Crew!

    So if keeping up with Steven and the Gems sounds up your alley, give Steven Crewniverse a follow!

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