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This Fluffy Cat Named Wednesday Matches Halloween Perfectly

In case you needed a seasonally appropriate Instagram to follow.

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1. "Just because I've got some spooky coloring, don't assume I worship Satan or anything. I just worship treats!"

2. "I also believe that money can probably buy you happiness. I mean, c'mon..."

3. " can bring anyone together!"

4. "Some people think I'm a meany and that I only like tricking people on Halloween..."

5. "...but that hurts my feelings! I'm a big ol' softie at heart, just like you!"

6. "I've been told I give excellent hugs."

7. "And I'm an expert at getting kisses, thanks to all my fluff."

8. "It's important to have a little 'me time,' even if that means looking ridiculous in the bathtub. We've all gotta do it!"

9. "I try to balance out my look by mixing and matching colors, that way I don't match my natural spookiness too much!"

10. "Does anyone look pretty right when they wake up? I sure hope not, because..."

11. "...this is about as good as it gets!"

12. "I like to have fun with my clothes. Experimenting is important!"

13. "Y'know what else is important? Naaaaaaps."

14. "I've started to realize that the more plants are around the apartment, the more totally mature and put-together you seem..."

15. "...and I definitely need all the help I can get in that department!"

16. "So bring on Halloween, the most me time of the year!"

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