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22 Smart Ways To Turn Leftovers Into Bestovers

Yesterday's meals don't have to be the same boring thing the next time you eat them. Spruce things up a little!

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1. Fried egg + fried rice = twice as nice.

2. A dessert-y crumble makes for a delicious breakfast.

3. Put some leftover quinoa in some peppers for a new twist.

4. The geniuses at Food52 turned a corn soup into a quickbread.

5. Here are three different ways to use up leftover chicken: a quiche, a salad, and stock.

6. Crumbling some falafel on top of a salad is a great way to use up veggies.

7. Throw in hashbrowns from breakfast into your chorizo tacos for dinner.

8. Plop some freshly sautéed veggies on top of leftover pasta.

9. Throw veggies from the week plus an egg into a breakfast burrito of sorts for a good time.

10. No longer do your leftover BBQ beans from dinner have to go to waste!

11. Think of this as a fried rice-type dish, but instead of using rice, you use last night's pasta!

12. Veggies + eggies = a bestover breakfast feast.

13. Feeling fancy? Make a gratin out of your veggies from last night.

14. Turn your garlic mashed potatoes into waffles, because you're the smartest human alive.

15. Too many veggies from fajita night? Turn them into a delightful egg scramble.

16. Reimagine your fried rice with some fresh veggies and sriracha. A little spicy sauce goes a long way!

17. Lots of veggies? Dough you need to use up? Make a veggie pizza that will impress anyone.

18. Throw your grilled veggies from last night on top of some toast to shake things up.

19. Try baking up your leftover pasta with more cheese and fresh veggies. It's like a casserole, BUT BETTER.

20. Put mashed potatoes at the bottom of a Mason jar, top with an egg, then bake for a few minutes. Brunch is so much more special now!

21. Polenta makes great croutons when you bake or pan fry it up the next day!

22. Too many kabobs from last night? Throw them together with a fried egg for a hearty breakfast sandwich.

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