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    Posted on Aug 6, 2013

    14 Signs You're Addicted To Technology

    Between the smartphones and the laptops and the tablets, your life is probably way too full of technology now.

    1. Can't sleep without beating just onemorelevel of Candy Crush.

    2. People won't recognize you unless your phone is in front of your face.

    3. You're obsessed with keeping any and all fingerprints off of your screens to keep them pristine.

    4. You find new and interesting ways to sit so that you don't injure your back.

    5. Using tech equipment in bed is now a part of your routine, and your cuddle buddy hates it.

    6. The world only sees you through your selfies, and now your friends resent you for it.

    7. You need glasses to help see your screens better. That's how much you've looked at screens.

    8. Skype is sometimes the only way people can see you, even if you live near each other.

    9. Breaks are rarely taken. Food is often eaten while at your desk.

    10. You hate throwing away your precious cargo's packaging. What if you need it?!

    11. Nothing understands you more than the warmth of your laptop. Nothing.

    12. You've perfected your typing skills so you don't even have to look at the keys.

    13. One monitor is no longer enough to suit your needs.

    14. And worst of all, you no longer care what your "browsing face" is. For shame.

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