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19 Thoughts Your Puppy Has During Their First Bath

You should probably feel a little sorry for them.

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1. "Great, now my wrinkles stand out EVEN MORE."

2. "Putting yourself in my position is a nice idea of trying to be helpful. It's close."

3. "Do I look bedraggled? Because I feel bedraggled."

4. "My life is the FRIENDS theme song. No one told me it was gonna be this way."

5. "Only a nap can cure how embarrassed I feel right now."

6. "But you didn't make Eeyore take a bath! Why did I have to?!"

7. "I'm trying to re-fluff myself on this rug. Is it working? I need my fluff back!"

8. "Ya frogged me up. I'm all frog now."

9. "This is un-bee-lievable."

10. "If I squint, will all this weird water just go away?"

12. "Cannot believe I'm in a freakin' sink right now."

13. "Literally everything about this is humiliating!"


15. "It'll take me a couple days to forgive you, not gonna lie."

16. "And to think that I once trusted you."

17. "That bath taught me that life just ain't fair sometimes."

18. "You ever wanna just, like, give up totally?"

19. "Excuse me? You there. Would you mind getting me out of this wet prison? I'd be ever so pleased if you would."

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