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    21 Signs Being A Princess Is The Hardest Job In The World

    When it comes to being royalty, Melissa the Scottish Fold is basically a pro.

    1. People say your gaze is "intimidating," but you can't help it if that's just how your face is.

    2. Your custom music box is stuck on the same pretty song.

    3. You only play sports because it's expected of you but not because you enjoy them.

    4. You prefer to wear a flower crown in the summer, even if it might be beneath your status.

    5. Your admirers try to flatter you with art, but none of it even remotely looks like you.

    6. Your delicate ears are sensitive to certain sound.

    7. Even though your bedroom is in a tower, you're still afraid of heights.

    8. Getting dressed up for galas isn't fun anymore because there are so many portraits around to remind you of what you wore the last time.

    9. Walking through the surrounding villages can be TERRIFYING.

    10. Finding the right ironic accessories sometimes takes hours.

    11. The press are constantly taking unflattering photos of you from the most bizarre angles possible.

    12. Being a "hipster" doesn't make any sense and seems like far too much work to find out.

    13. Learning the hottest fads takes an extraordinary amount of effort, but you have to stay hip.

    14. Tea time is hella BORING and so is pretending otherwise.

    15. Feeling ill turns you into a totally different person.

    16. Having to hide your true emotions when your banquet dinner tastes bad is sometimes impossible.

    17. Becoming beautiful is just a whole excruciating process at this point.

    18. Trying to figure out how to be a trendsetter is basically a full-time job.

    19. You always have to match your signature accessories to your eyes, which can be quite difficult.

    20. And even though the hours you keep are nearly ridiculous...

    21. ...being a princess is usually pretty sweet.