Ridiculous Dog-cation Could Cost You $70K

This vacation is strictly for dogs who require the most pretentious vacations ever. Plebeians need not apply.

2. The Paw Seasons luxury resort ad is basically a dog version of “The O.C.”

For reference: The O.C.’s opening credits.

3. One “fortnight”-long, £47,000 dog vacation will get you a:

4. -suite with a screen for movies like 101 Dalmations (but probably not The Aristocats)

5. -custom doghouse replicating the dog owner’s actual house so they don’t get homesick or something

6. -personal chef (hopefully named Mario Bark-tali, Wolfgang Puck or Cat Cora)

7. -walks at local beach with ice cream, like they’re on a date with a sweetheart

8. -surfing lesson

That actually sounds cool.

9. -day with dog behaviour expert (who will also meet with them if they display a diva attitude from all the pampering)

10. -reiki session, because dogs love massages a.k.a. belly rubs a.k.a. duh

11. -fun grooming at Harrods pet spa

12. -luxury wardrobe from actual designers for humans like Louis Vuitton

13. -solid bronze car mascot of the dog and portrait by artist Jo Chambers, because otherwise it would’ve been a pointless vacay.

Though the vacation sounds plenty obnoxious, a £8,400 donation of the profits will be split between the Battersea Dogs Home and Cancer Research UK.

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