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6 Reasons Cats Actually Don't Hate You At All

According to a study in this month's issue of Animal Cognition, cats don't dislike us that much at all. Here's why you might've thought they hated your guts.

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3. So, yeah, cats may not meow back at you or move their tail when you speak to them, but they do "orient" themselves.

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"Orienting" means that cats will move their heads or ears toward the voice speaking at them that they recognize.

4. Cats also displayed pupil dilation, which means they have really strong emotions about you! / Via

If their pupils dilate, it means they felt arousal or excitement; it could also mean that they experience "brain activity, revealing mental reactions to emotional stimuli."


5. Because there isn't anyone (like you) to take care of them if they get sick or hurt in the wild, cats will often hide a sickness. / Via

A cat's "gut reaction is to remain stoic and avoid any possible threat at a time of vulnerability."

6. Since cats have been around us domestically for about 10,000 years, we've all learned how to communicate with each other.

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Don't fret if your furry feline doesn't make it easy for you to understand their feelings or emotions. It's normal!