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    Posted on Mar 11, 2014

    21 Problems Only Cats Will Understand

    Please only read this if you're a cat.

    1. When you're trying to read a book comfortably but someone's arm keeps getting in the way.

    2. When you can't claw your way through the screen door easily anymore.

    3. When computers intrigue you to the point of distraction.

    4. When no one understands how you just want to inspect what they're having for dinner.

    5. When you get judged because the water on the windowpane just tastes more exotic than any other water.

    6. When the concept of travelling baffles you so you try to get a closer look.

    7. When you try to correct someone's penmanship and they're all like "noooo."

    8. When your secret admirer just will not stop sending you gifts. Ugh. What is with that guy?

    9. When nobody compliments you on your manicure that you did yourself.

    10. When your yoga mat makes you feel a little extra chunky today, so you decide to take a nap instead.

    11. When you love chasing water, but you also hate water.

    12. When you attempt to turn an accident into a bold fashion choice and you're not sure if people believe you.

    13. When you're too lazy to get up and turn the light off.

    14. When the toys you like to play with might be a little outside the box.

    15. When you just want a little yogurt, damn.

    16. When you have to wait for bacon to cook like some kind of peasant.

    17. When your eyes are sometimes bigger than your stomach.

    18. When life closes a door, and you're still trying to open that same door.


    19. When your redecorating plans get away from you.

    20. When this is your Friday night.

    21. When society expects you to be patient while people do stuff like this to you.

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