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16 Problems Every Petite Girl Deals With

It's hard out there for a tiny girl.

1. People totally think you're a lost child when you're out in public.

2. Being stuck with a twin-size bed on vacations just because you can fit in it better.

3. When you try to really tell someone off in an argument, but they can only talk about "how cute you are when you're mad."

4. Not being able to see around anyone when you're in a crowd.

5. Trying to look hot like a model but actually looking ridiculous because you are three feet shorter than they are.

6. You're farther away from the shower head, which means: lower. water. pressure.

7. Your yearbook photographer had to lower the camera significantly in order to fit you in the frame.

8. You can never reach the other side of the table, so if you want more dinner you either have to ask for more or get up to go get it yourself.

9. Being short = being too close to NATURE.

10. Being offered the children's menu at restaurants.


12. Never being able to reach the top shelf of anything, anywhere.

13. Constantly being afraid of getting unnecessarily picked up.

14. People thinking you can just sit on their lap like it's a normal everyday thing.


16. Having only, like, one other petite friend (but loving them extra for it).