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27 Personal Challenges To Better Yourself This Summer

Just listen to the cats. Always listen to the cats.

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1. "Take time to really think about who you are."

2. "Explore new places by yourself. You'll never know what you'll learn."

3. "Find your inner, and outer, voice."

5. "Try seeing arguments or disscussions from the other point-of-view every once in a while."

6. "I like checking out new neighborhoods for a change of pace."

7. "Secretly eavesdrop on your neighbors, but use the information for good! Surprise them with a little care package."

9. "At least try to worry less."

11. "Attempt to become one with the earth."

12. "Try a new way of smiling. Maybe you've been smiling wrong this whole time..."

15. "Start planning a great big trip, with every intention of actually going, even if you never get to."

16. "Find your best angle, that way you know how to pose in photos from now on."

17. "Pretend to be king of the lake, BECAUSE YOU ARE ONE."

18. "Be more assertive at social gatherings. That chair is yours."

19. "Safely explore different cooking methods. Now's the time!"

21. "Learn better concentration methods and then actually use them."

22. "Don't be afraid to be goofy, and meet new people!"

23. "And most importantly, be comfortable with exactly who you are."

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