Olympic Skier Finally Reunited With Rescued Sochi Puppies

After a month of legal issues, Olympic silver medalist Gus Kenworthy was reunited with the dogs he worked so hard to save from Sochi.

1. Gus Kenworthy won something more than a silver medal during the Sochi Olympics: puppy love.

2. He discovered some irresistibly cute stray puppies in Sochi.

3. It was love at first sight, like for real. LOOK AT THEM.

4. The treatment of stray dogs in Sochi was pretty terrible, which is why Gus and his friend, Robin Macdonald, tried to rescue as many as they could.

5. They thought it would take Robin only a few days in Sochi to finish the adoption process, but he was there for almost a month working with Humane Society International to get around government roadblocks.

6. Robin made it back to America this week with three puppies and their mom!

We are all ok, and made it to America! A big thanks to the best 5 travel companions one could ask for.

— Robin Macdonald (@robindmacdonald)

7. Here you can watch them explain the emotional story behind this international rescue:

TODAY / nbcnews.com

Plus, the adorable pups are a little jet-lagged from all this exciting travel, so they’re super cute.

8. Good work, guys!

.@robindmacdonald and I are going live on the @TODAYshow with the Sochi pups - Tune in now! @HSIGlobal :)

— Gus Kenworthy (@guskenworthy)

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