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17 Times Bug The Chihuahua Was The Cutest Bummer On Instagram

He can't help his face! Or his feelings.

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1. "Eh, I'm not too sure about all this festive spirit."

2. "These leaves are all dead."

3. "How come I never get to pick what we watch on TV? It's like I'm not even your equal."

4. "I know you think my 'fat lil tumtum' is cute, but that's not helping things."

5. "You are why I never get asked out on a date."

6. "It's like even the sun has it out for me today. Gee, thanks, Sun."

7. "Even my naps get ruined."

8. "I wonder how much longer the planet has until we run out of fossil fuels. Probably not long, right?"

9. "Can't believe my Amazon package didn't come today. The tracking info betrayed me."

10. "Do you have to type so loud?"

11. "No one asked how my day was."

12. "You just accidentally made me delete what I've been working on for the past week."

13. "This was my great-grandma's favorite seat in the house, and you spilled red wine all over it."

14. "Nature has too many big things in it."

15. "Do I not have a lot of friends?"

16. "I bet she's not going to remember to get my food at the store. Guess I'll eat a Hot Pocket for dinner. Again."

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