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    17 Monday Morning Moments

    You've been there. Oh, you've been there multiple times.

    1. The "Five More Minutes" Moment

    2. The "Don't Worry, I'm Not Dead" Moment

    3. The "How Dare You Try To Talk To Me Before My Coffee" Moment

    4. The "Sorry You Forfeited The Warm Spot" Moment

    5. The "How Dare You Be More Awake Than I Am Right Now" Moment

    6. The "At Least I Made It To The Living Room" Moment

    7. The "Did I Fall Asleep In The Shower?" Moment

    8. The "Maybe I Should Leave My Oven On So I Have An Excuse To Come Home Early" Moment

    9. The "What's So Bad About Working From Home?" Moment

    10. The "Can't Wait For Cars That Can Drive Themselves" Moment


    12. The "My Daily Yoga Is Not Going As Planned" Moment

    13. The "We Need Personal Space When We're This Grumpy" Moment

    14. The "Even Toys Are Stressful This Early" Moment

    15. The "I Don't Even Care How Embarrassing I Look" Moment

    16. The "I Can't Find My Shoes, Oh Well" Moment

    17. The "Alright, Whatever, Let's Just Do This" Moment

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