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Meet The Suavest Cat Brothers On Instagram

The Tuxedo Trio is here for any and all of your debonair needs. (H/T cats_of_instagram)

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This is Jack, Ben, and Desmond.

They weren't always such a grown-up bunch...

...little Jack came a little late to the game, but they're a handsome family all the same.

They're the coolest kids on the block, though, that's for sure.

See their dining style? It's simply divine.

They prefer to judge the laypeople from on high, which makes sense, as they're totally better than everyone.

Even though they look intimidating, don't worry! They're very approachable.

Also, they're super talented. Just give them a little privacy, please.

As gentlemen, they prefer baths to showers. We should all follow their example.

But in a pinch, they can take care of it themselves.

They can easily help you match any outfit to your clothes because they understand fashion.

To be fair, they also understand the importance of resting.

Even if the weather is warm outside, they can keep it reaaaaaaaaaaal cool.

So the next time you need an editor...

...or little kitchen helpers...

...just ask the tuxedo trio!

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