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Meet Millie, The Adorably Brave Rock Climbing Cat

She joins Craig Armstrong on some of his excursions, and she's a total pro.

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Craig adopted Millie from Furburbia in Park City, Utah about a year ago. They've been best buddies ever since.

She has "all the qualities a good climbing partner should have." / Via

"She never complains, no matter how bad it gets. She always wants to go higher, and she pushes herself hard. But she also knows when to stop. When she’s done, she’s done. She’ll find a cave or climb a tree and won’t move until she’s rested. She takes big risks and doesn’t bitch when they don’t pan out. And she cuddles at night inside your sleeping bag and keeps you warm. She isn’t annoyingly mono-focused on climbing, either. She’s happy to explore slot canyons, caves, deserts, fields, etc."

Millie's for sure a special kind of cat. Not just any kitty can go on these adventures.

Millie and Craig prefer the same types of routes: "slabby tech routes that require more technique and balance than raw power."

...and a great climbing buddy!

“We camp in my truck," wrote Craig in a post for Backcountry. "She peed in there one night, but she caught a mouse in there one night, too.”

Millie has grown more comfortable around the climbing and camping gear. She even gets excited when Craig starts prepping for the weekend!

She's a dedicated climber in all kinds of weather.

(Even when that weather sneaks up on her, like during this flash snowstorm!)

She's also super willing to lend a helping paw if need be.

Nothing can stop Millie and Craig!

...except for naptime, maybe.

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