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16 Meerkats You'd Rather Be Looking At

Not everything has to be an app these days.

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1. "We're kind of the Kardashians of the animal kingdom, really."

Carl De Souza / Getty Images

2. "Of course I'll autograph that for you!"

3. "Workin' on my tan so I'm super prepared for beach season. My Snapchats are gonna be so rad!"

4. "Sometimes, we just chillax, because it's hard to be so 'on' all the time."

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images


6. "Thanks for helping me keep it real, you guys. You keep me grounded."

7. "Yeah, you could call us a power couple. That'd be highly accurate."

8. "I sells suuuuuch unique things on Etsy. You should check it out some time!"

Adrian Dennis / Getty Images

9. "We've already achieved our #squadgoals. Deal with it."

Matt Cardy / Getty Images

10. "I wonder if that helicopter is filming me. I'm, like, a big enough deal that it totally could be."

11. "You are so welcome for this exclusive interview. It'll really help us both out."

Oli Scarff / Getty Images

12. "I'm just a simple dude, sitting quietly. But people really connect with it somehow."

13. "Is that the paparazzo over there? Typical."

Diana Arnett / Flickr: 8736043@N05

14. "EVEN WHEN MY MOUTH IS FULL? C'mon, maaaaaan."

Torsten Blackwood / Getty Images

15. "This whole fame thing hasn't changed me, I don't think. I'm just lil ol me."

16. "Thanks for being such supportive fans! It really means a bunch to me."

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